Students and Residents

Whether your goal is to create a foundation for lifelong learning, make professional connections or learn more about managing student debt, AGD has the resources you need to be successful in dental school and beyond. AGD understands and caters to the unique situation of students, residents and new dentists. Special discounts, information on getting started and networking tools are designed specifically for you.

Your commitment to your education shows how serious you are about your career. AGD membership brings you one step closer to securing your future success.

Managing Debt

As a dental student or resident, you've likely taken on significant debt in order to pursue a career as a general dentist. AGD provides resources and services to help you manage this debt and make good financial decisions. Learn about some of the services available to members to help manage your debt and access some insights and input from other members or experts in the field. Find out how AGD is advocating on behalf of general dentist at the federal level to reduce the impact of student debt.


Access CE

Whether you aspire to be an educated advisor to your patients or a expert partner in your practice, continuing education and a perspective of lifelong learning is critical to your career. AGD offers you the education to help you stay on top of the latest trends and techniques. As students, residents and new dentists, we also offer special training specific to your needs. Learn more about our continuing education program.


From continuing education and advocacy, to practice management and member connections, your opportunities to grow in your field before you even leave school are countless. Your membership also includes discounts on products and services, as well as free subscriptions to our newsmagazine, AGD Impact, and our peer-reviewed clinical journal, General Dentistry.

Have questions about AGD student membership and the CE you can earn? Visit our FAQ page. Not a member? Join today!