Become a PACE Provider

Applying for Local PACE Approval

To apply to become an AGD PACE-approved CE provider, complete the PACE Application for Local Approval and review the PACE Program Guidelines, which contain AGD’s 13 standards and criteria for approval. Applications are reviewed based on these standards.

You should apply for local PACE approval if your organization:

  • Offers courses in only one state or province
  • Draws a significant portion of participants from only one state or province
  • Does not offer self-instruction programs
  • Does not offer protocol (on-site/in-office) participation courses

Samples of documentation that should be submitted with your application are available for download. This documentation proves that your organization meets the published criteria. If you cannot document these processes, you can modify the examples provided to fit your program.


North Carolina PACE Application Fee should be paid after the application is scored and the number of years is determined.

One year: $150
One-year Approval Online Checkout

Two years: $225
Two-year Approval Online Checkout

Three years: $300
Three-year Approval Online Checkout

Four years: $400
Four-year Approval Online Checkout