Transition Info


You are now starting the first steps to becoming a licensed dentist in NC.  We have compiled some helpful information to make your transition as smooth as possible.  If you have more specific questions, please feel to contact us.  We will attempt to update this information as often as possible.

In this section of the site, you will find a general outline of the steps required to obtain your license as well as helpful hints that you may find useful along the way.  Here are some shortcuts to the the topics we cover:

  1. Obtaining a License
  2. Applying for a License
  3. Obtaining a National Provider Identifier (NPI)
  4. Obtaining a Medicaid Provider Number
  5. Obtaining Professional Liability Insurance
  6. Obtaining a DEA Number
  7. Obtaining a NC Privilege License

Best of luck in obtaining your license in NC and we look forward to you joining the profession.


  1. Obtaining a License

    To get your license in NC you must take the Council of Interstate Testing Agency (CITA) exam. There are several different states that offer CITA and more than one type of format. For new UNC graduates, the laboratory portion of the exam is offered during your junior year and the entire exam is offered throughout your senior year.  In order to take the exam, you must apply in advance.  We have instructions below to help you through the process.

    CITA –
    You will need the exam application – located here.

    AGD TIP:

    • Know the manual as well as possible.
    • Be aware of what are considered critical failures so that you can avoid these common pitfalls
    • Follow all directions carefully and completely
    • Talk to other AGD members that have taken CITA (2007 to present)
    • CITA places pictures online of acceptable preps that you can use if you have questions
    • Case selection is key for the patient portion so start early
  2. Applying for a License

    Once you decide that you want to work in NC,  you should begin the application process during your senior year.

    AGD TIP:

    • Plan on 90 days for the board to complete your background check
    • You do NOT have to wait until you pass CITA to begin your application

    North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners
    507 Airport BLVD Suite 105
    Morrisville, NC 27560-8200

    Items you will need for CITA/NCBDE (for complete list, please visit their websites)

    1. National Board Scores
      To Order National Board Scores:


      AGD TIP: National Board scores need to be sent to CITA and NCBDE.  You can request your scores to be sent to NCDBE when registering for the test to make things easier.   If your not sure if NCDBE has received your board scores, call 919-678-8223.
    2. Undergraduate Transcript
      AGD TIP: The NCDBE does not require that undergraduate transcripts be certified copies.  You may request a copy of your transcript from the dental school administrative office to save some money and time.
    3. Certified copy of any other professional license you hold in the health care sector
      If licensed to practice dentistry in another state log onto to have a databank report run
    4. Fingerprint Card
      AGD TIP:
      Email the NCDBE at [email protected] to have them send you the cards.Call your nearest police dept for updated times
      (Contact information correct as of 9/16/08)Durham County Sherrifs office
      201 E. Main St,
      $10.00 (only excepts cash)
      Open M-F 9-4, need a valid NC ID or current ID with current address
      Pay to park at the parking deck across the street.Wake County/Raleigh – 919-856-6300


      Orange County/Chapel Hill- 919-968-2760 $15.00 (Only accepts cash)
      M and W from 2-4.
      Located on Airport/MLK blvd.

    5. To complete the application you will need
      • Addresses for the past 10 years
      • References that will always know your address and their contact info
      • Dates of Part I, II, III, IV, and V of CITA
      • All employment for past 10 years (with addresses and dates)
      • Any Felony or misdemeanor (other than traffic violations)
        AGD TIP: If you have had prior misdemeanors/felonies but are unsure of the exact dates and charges, research the information prior to submitting your application.  You can call your local police department or that of the area in which the infraction occured to obtain the information.  Pay all parking and outstanding fines prior to your applicaiton. If there is a warrant for your arrest, hire a lawyer and resolve the situation before you submit your application or disclose the situation on the applicaiton.  It is vitally important that you are honest on your application.  If you have a prior history, there is a chance the board will call you in for a hearing.  Don’t Panic!  They just want more information pertaining to the incident and reassurance from you that you are a changed individual.  They want to ensure that you are going to provide the highest standards of professionalism as a licensed dentist.
      • The application will have to be signed in front of notary
      • A final transcript will be sent to the board once you have graduated
        AGD TIP: If you need to expedite the process for a license, you can retrieve your dental school transcript and hand deliver it to the dental board.  This may speed up the process.
      • Jurisprudence and Infection Control Exams
        AGD TIP: Once your background check is complete, NCBDE will send you a letter with your updated status and instructions for completing the online Infection Control and Jurisprudence Exams. Each exam is are timed and consists of 25 MC questions for each.  You will have approximately 30 min to complete each exam. A score of 20 of 25 is required to pass the exam.  You will be allowed three attempts to pass. Contact the administrator if you have problems with the online format.  You can  go to the NCBDE office and take the exam there.
  3. Obtaining a National Provider Identifier (NPI)
    A National Provider Number is required for insurance filing.


  4. Obtaining a Medicaid Provider Number

    This is not mandatory; it is only necessary if you are going to be working at a practice which accepts Medicaid.

  5. Obtaining Professional Liability Insurance

    You must obtain malpractice insurance prior to your start date.  This can be obtained quickly.
    Medical Security is the company endorsed by the NCDS and most commonly used in NC but there are many choices available.

    If you choose Medical Security:


    AGD TIP: Medical Security provides a discount to new UNC graduates of 50%.
    AGD TIP: If you have never worked in another state in dentistry, they can usually issue coverage in 24-48 hours.
  6. Obtaining a DEA Number
    This number will be required if you will be writing prescriptions for patients.
    Contact the DEA at 800-882-9539
    You will usually receive your DEA number in 2-3 weeks.
    AGD TIP:  You are not required to have a DEA number to practice dentistry.  You are only required to have this number if you wish to write prescriptions.  Often, new graduates will delay obtaining a DEA number for several months due to its cost which is perfectly acceptable.  If may be helpful to work with another dentist who would be willing to help write prescriptions as needed until you have obtained your license.


  7. Obtaining a NC Privilege License
    This license is required by the state of NC prior to practicing.  You will need to obtain this license once you have a dental license.  The application is very easy and takes a few weeks to receive. the button to download form B-202A

    You can either fill it out online (however you can not save it so make sure you can finish) or just download it fill it out and  send to

    NC Department of Revenue
    PO box 25000
    Raleigh, NC 27640-0100

    It’s $50.00 before July and apparently there are late fees if filled after July 1st.

    The License is necessary only to the state and allows you to have or practice your profession in the state of NC.