Overview of the Study Club

Our mission

To provide an educational program for the general dentists of North Carolina who wish to increase their skills and knowledge in all aspects of dentistry, and satisfy the requirements of Mastership within the AGD.

Our Vision

Our program is geared towards general dentists who wish to advance their knowledge and skills and become the best dentists they can be. Each program will be delivered by top clinicians who are up to date with the latest techniques and research. Each course will be able to provide participants with practical skills and knowledge that can be immediately applied to their practice. The program will be convenient to fit into a busy practitioner’s schedule and should be well organized. This study club will also provide fellowship and camaraderie for the participants.


Meet all 400 participation hours required for Mastership in every four-year cycle, through classroom learning and in-office assignments (Protocol Course). Meet four times annually, once at the NCAGD annual meeting each February, then in April, August, and October. Schedule: Friday 8-5 class, 6-9 Dinner/Presentations, Saturday 8-5 class.


All speakers will be PACE approved and provide a bibliography of resources for course participants. Sponsorship will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Protocol course requirements

In order to receive full credit for protocol courses participants must be able to demonstrate through their presentation that they have spent an appropriate amount of time on the topic and demonstrate a reasonable knowledge of the topic. Each presentation must include appropriate consent forms, medical and dental history, pre-operative records (x-rays, photos, models, etc.), diagnosis, treatment plan (including treatment objectives and rationale), documentation of treatment sequence and key steps, clinical outcome and patient response. Discussion should include reasoning for treatment modalities/products selected, what was successful and what you would do differently. Also describe any background research you did for the case. There will then be a question and answer portion and feedback from the original instructor or the assigned evaluator. A paper copy of the presentation must be provided to receive credit. No or partial credit may be given for presentations that do not meet requirements. Participants will be provided with the necessary requirements for presentations as well as a PowerPoint outline to make creation of presentation easier.

Who can participate?

Our group is designed to serve AGD fellows in North and South Carolina. This program is open to pre-fellows as well.